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About ME

A lifetime of love for animals

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My love of animals became apparent even before I was two years old. I ran up to every dog I saw and picked up every kitty I could catch. I knew that I would care for animals as a career but it goes way beyond that for me. It has become my life's passion to make a difference in every animals life that I can. I am concerned about the treatment of all animals and have dedicated the last 30 years in a lead by example lifestyle through vegetarianism, animal welfare work and advocacy. My concern for all animals wellbeing led me to trade a career in Veterinary Medicine to work individually as a Pet Care provider so that I can offer the best care possible to the ones that I care so very much about. 

~~My life begins to end the minute that I become silent about what matters to me~~

Mission Statement

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Our goal is to make a difference in every pets life that we touch. We do this by offering the most comprehensive, compassionate care possible and we believe that your pets, just like our own are irreplaceable.

In 2002 while going to school to be a Veterinarian, I went on a small vacation and left my senior Chow Chow Foxxy and my Bichon Frise Nikki at a nice clean Vet clinic for boarding. When I picked them up 5 days later I found that my Bichon had been kenneled in the cat room, in a very small crate, and considering she was very cat aggressive, this must have been excruciating for her as well as a danger to the other peoples pets. My Senior Citizen Foxxy had crusted up eyes and disinfectant cleaner matted up in the fur all around his face and his pantaloons. My bill was nearly $400.00. I was beside myself and felt horrible for subjecting my pets to this, me of all people who loves animals so much; should have known better. I walked away disgusted and after a couple of hours I was on a mission to create an alternative for people like myself who want exceptional care for their beloved pets. 

We believe that Pets are "our Children" and good pet care is just not good enough. We offer exceptional care by means of animal health and behavior knowledge and a lifetime of being animal lovers.

  • Pet care in your own home creates less stress for your pet while you are away
  • I have done all my own work since 2003, your animal will not be watched by someone else.  
  • While your pet is under our care, their needs come first, there are No exceptions-  
  • Extra petting, love, compassion and understanding is free always.
  • During your time slot your pet receives one on one attention, we watch one client per time slot and we do not over book.  
  • Medicine, injections and fluids by a qualified Veterinary student  
  • Knowledgeable in pet & breed specific behaviors  
  • Geriatric and recovery specialist
  • We continually expand our education on all animals  
  • Proven track record, 16 years of customer satisfaction  
  • No breed restrictions


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